What about Prints and Coffee Table Book / Photo Books?

  • Any add-ons like Coffee Table book, Digital Photo Montage Files,  Audio slideshows, Photo prints or Canvas Prints, are all charged extra.

Payment terms.

  • I take 50% payment as the advance to book and confirm the dates.
  • The remaining 50% payment is to be made on the last day of the shooting.

Any Additional Charges/Travel & Accommodation.

  • We travel to all locations across Nepal to cover Wedding assignments. Travel and Accommodation costs are extra costs to be borne by the clients. The only exception is if the Wedding is in Kathmandu city (My Home Base).
  • Mode of travel for out-station weddings is usually economy-class air travel.
  • Accommodation for outstation weddings is courtesy of the clients.


  • As a creative professional and a freelance content creator, We retain the copyrights of the images that we create, for the purpose of fair-use.
  • As a client, you have the license to make personal, non-commercial uses of your photos – like making prints/upload/share online with friends & family and so on –  practically anything, as long as it doesn’t generate any income for yourself or the people you share them with.