Mega Mixing Lab

There is an English idiom, 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' Then, a brilliant photograph is worth how many thousand words? I would say thousand and thousand and …
We believe in naturalness, so, we provide you unedited photos. But in our videography presentation, we use the best editing skills.

Quick Intro

Mega Mixing Lab

Mega Mixing Lab was started by Nilraj Adhikari in early 2012. We both took up wedding photography because we thought it as the best way to experience what we love the most in life and about life and that is exploring new places, meeting new people,making new friends, lots of laughter and conversation.

Types of Photography

Wedding Photography​

Event Photography

Family Photography​

Portrait photography

Cinematic Photography

Couple Photography​

Best mixing lab in Nepalgunj town, I highly recommend it. Thanks for providing best experience. 

- Pravin Sukla

Nepali Wedding Highlights